Olwen Pendred

Olwen Pendren

Olwen is a bean feasa of the Celtic Mystery tradition and an ordained priestess of Danú within the Fellowship of Isis. She works from her practice The Alchemist’s Lodge in Dun Laoghaire, where she works with individuals in both spiritual healing and bodywork and where she facilitates ceremonies of the seasonal festivals and healing circles.

Olwen loves music, story, song, myth, mystery, and all things wild. She is frequently to be found playing her bodhrán, singing her heart out or snuggling into rocks or trees, preferably beside the sea. Her favourite place on earth is Dún Dúcathair (The Black Fort) on Inis Mór, where she spent a lot of her childhood, and to where she retreats for inspiration and renewal.

In her workshop Olwen will explore myth and magic, the stories we tell. She will bring us on a journey into the rich resources of our inner caves. Asking what lies at the heart of the stories which inform all that we create.

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