Guest Speakers 2019

Morgan Daimler is a witch who has been a polytheist since the early ’90′s. Following a path inspired by the Irish Fairy Faith blended with neopagan witchcraft Morgan teaches classes on Irish myth and magical practices, the Daoine Uaisle, and related subjects in the United States and internationally. Morgan has been published in multiple anthologies as well as in Witches and Pagans magazine, Pagan Dawn magazine and the CR journal Air n-Aithesc.
Morgan is a very popular author within the wider community and has numerous published book titles through Moon Books including Irish Gods and Goddesses, Fairies, A New Fairy Dictionary (forthcoming) and has self-published a book of Old and Middle Irish language translations called The Treasure of the Tuatha De Danann, and an urban fantasy/paranormal romance series called Between the Worlds.
Morgan will do a talk on the 'Good Folk / Good Neighbours / Fairy folk' including a brief history and debunking modern myths around them. 
Fiona McDonagh of Lámh Clinic, Gort, Co Galway, on the edge of the Burren, is a practicing Acupuncturist, Cranio Sacral & Sound Therapist. Working 1:1 with clients and holding regular group Sound Baths in her space or privately. Fiona first discovered the power of Sound about 8 years ago and was so blown away by the sensations she experienced that first time, that she trained to become a Sound Therapist. Herself and her Sound instrument Family have been lucky enough to have held Sound Baths for groups of 3 to 104 (Glebe House, for Winter Solstice celebration), from living rooms, to hotels, bedrooms to community halls.
She enjoys a wander in the woods more than an amble in a shopping centre. Fond of herbal tea, a brewer of flavoured kombucha, knows the benefits of practicing yoga, likes a lazy day with a book and the odd glass of wine. Born in London, lived in a number of different places, travelled to more (loads more yet to see!). Mother to three children and is owned by a cat named Juno!
Fiona will be facilitating an amazing Sound Bath for us on Sunday morning!
Gemma McGowan has been a practicing Pagan, Priestess and Witch for 17 years. Hailing from Kells in the Royal County, Gemma has grown up immersed in the sacred landscape of Meath, drawing inspiration and experiencing deep connection with ancient sites and monuments of that land.

Gemma began her spiritual education in a progressive Witchcraft Coven called Coven na Callaighe, run by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone back in 2003 in which she trained for 7 years to 3rd Degree High Priestess. After then spending some time as a solitary practitioner, Gemma undertook her Celtic Shamanic training with Slí an Chroí, School for Celtic Shamanism with John Cantwell and Karen Ward. At Imbolg 2015 Gemma set up the Keepers of the Well, magical training group and in September 2018 started the first cycle of her Cor Bolg (Crane Bag) training.

Gemma is a dedicated Priestess of Brighid since 2009 and a dedicated Priestess of Manannán Mac Lir, since 2013. She also has a strong personal working relationship with Fairy Queen Aoife, who she honors as being the body of the Crane Bag, as per the myth of the Crane Bag.

Since 2003 Gemma has been involved in the Samhain Festival at Tlachtga, taking the reigns of orchestration of the ceremonial and storytelling aspects of the festival from Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone in 2008. Gemma has also been involved in other large scale public ceremonies at Tara and at the Bealtaine Festival at Uisneach.

Gemma runs a healing clinic called ‘Tír na mBeo’ from her home in Kells where she practices Systematic Kinesiology, uses tie cutting and extraction techniques, Soul retrieval work, energy and sound healing techniques. Gemma is also a singer, songwriter and storyteller, currently using the Crane Bag as a focus for teaching, magical practice, healing and sharing the wealth of the Irish magical, mythological and folklore tradition.

Gemma was be sharing some of her current work with An Cor Bolg/The Crane Bag, delving deep into the myth, the items within, their possible meanings and their multi layered use in a contemporary magical system which honors the cosmology, mythology and folklore of Ireland.
Siggy Massenbauer was born in Vienna, Austria where she still lives today. She lived in Ireland for two years, and this time saw the beginning of her opening up to her spirituality and connecting with the harp, an instrument she had dreamed about since she was a child. For her, playing the harp is a way of connecting with the spirit world, in the way some people do through the drum. She loves to be out in the countryside and to sing, play the harp, and feel at one with nature. Her special love is singing healing songs for places and people, as well as creating healing candles.
She has been a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) and of the Danu Grove in Vienna for many years. In “real” life she is a City of Vienna tour guide, a job which she enjoys enormously, feeling her work is living bardism. When she can, combines the story teller with the harper during her tours.
Candle making is a tradition in Siggy´s family and she was already fascinated by the art as a little child. Small as she was, she wanted to take it up as well when she grew up. She loves to teach this skill to others, and has given workshops to pagan groups around Europe, including in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and England. She says that creating candles is connecting with the spirit of the candle and the Awen/Imbas.
Siggy will be facilitating a candle decorating workshop for us this year!