Basic safeguarding guidelines for events

For the protection and safety of all children/vulnerable adults attending our Events, we ask that all attendees follow these guidelines.


  1. Parents/ Guardians attending with children must take full responsibility for and maintain supervision of their charges.


  1. If a Speaker/Workshop facilitator brings children/ vulnerable adults to the Éigse and due to her/his duties is unable to maintain a supervisory role, they must delegate that role to an adult known to them and considered  ‘safe' by them.


  1. If, during workshop/talks, children/vulnerable adults need to leave the venue through illness/need for the bathroom etc., they must be accompanied by parent/guardian or (designated) delegated  adult.


  1. Children must not be outside in the grounds unsupervised. They must be accompanied at all times by Parent/Guardian


  1. As with adult attendees, all children attending must be signed in, by themselves or Parent/ Guardian.

Thank You