Shared market stall

There will be a shared Market / Craft Stall & Selling Space over the weekend that will be manned for you by one of our staff which will leave you free to enjoy the day without worrying about staying by your stall.

You can bring any items that would be appropriate, such as-

  • Books you have written / published
  • CDs or movies you have recorded
  • Crafted goods
  • Holistic items
  • Paintings
  • etc

* Please ensure that all items are clearly priced and if possible rounded up or down to make giving change back easier.

* You will also need to provide a small table/cover and a purse or bag with a float in it (with your name on it) as well as sufficient change for your own goods. All sales will be written down and recorded for you.

This is a free service but we ask that you give the staff member that is manning this shared area for you and selling your goods a donation for their work.

** You will need to buy a general event ticket in advance if you wish to avail of this service **

Please let Anna know if you would like any more information or if you would be interested in taking a space.