Shared Selling Space

There will be a shared craft market and selling space over the weekend.

This area is not intended to take any focus away from the presentations and workshops but rather work as an interesting 'add-on' to the weekend!

You can bring any items that would be appropriate, such as-

  • Books you have written / published
  • CDs or movies you have recorded
  • Crafted items
  • Holistic goods
  • Paintings
  • etc

* Please ensure that all items are clearly priced and if possible rounded up or down to make giving change back easier. This will not be a 'manned' space so making a sign or some way to let people know who to go to if they are interested in buying anything would be useful.

* You will also need to bring anything with you needed to display your items as nothing like that will be provided. Bearing in mind there is not a large space available to display your items.

** You will need to buy a general event and acomodation (plus meals if required) ticket in advance if you wish to avail of this service **