Frank Murphy and his team from the outstanding LilyMay's Café & Bistro in Moate, Co-Westmeath, nominated for The Best Café in Westmeath over multiple years, will service the entire event. They will prepare & serve 6 vegetarian (non-vegan) meals over the course of the weekend.

So that they can prepare for the numbers in advance, pre-booking is essential.

The cost of this is €60 for 6 meals over the course of the whole weekend, which we feel is extremely reasonable given the quality of the food that Frank and his team prepare and what is on offer. You can also book 3 meals for the Saturday only at a cost of €30 if you are planning on coming for the day.

There is also a self-catering kitchen at the event (with self-clearing up!) as well as shops in the vicinity.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be freely available throughout the day.

Here is an example menu of what will be on offer


FRIDAY DINNER (6.30-7.30)

- Thai Green Vegetarian Curry with rice and pitta bread


- Scrambled eggs, beans, mushrooms, fried potatoes & onions, tomato, toast and/or brown bread

LUNCH (1.30-2.30)

- Vegetable soup, sandwiches, buns and scones

DINNER (6.00-7.30)

- Vegetarian lasagna, baked potatoes, salad mix, dessert


-  Same as Saturday

LUNCH (1.00-2.00)

- Barbecue: vegi burgers & salad (weather permitting!), if not sandwiches, soup, salad etc

**please note that though the actual menu will look very similar to this we will not know exactly what's on offer until closer to the time & depending on numbers**