Cáit Brannigan



Cait Branigan is an Ordained Priestess Hierophant of the Western Mystery Tradition, a Bean Feasa (Shamanic Practioner) and Traditional Healer working within the traditions of Ireland. She works with individuals for healing at her centre in Co. Wexford. An essential part of her work is in the area of Women’s Mysteries in which she has conducted workshops and ceremonies around the country. She facilitates sweat lodges within the Irish Tradition and performs Rites of Passage within the community. She is a Druid with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and a member of the Fellowship of Isis. She also works with and teaches groups in Ireland and internationally. She has taught in the US, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, China, and several European countries.

Envisioning Rebirth: The Role of Healers and Seers in Restoring the Wasteland

We are now at a point in time where to remember to tell and sing our sacred stories is of immense importance; to revitalise our connection; to restore balance and to make heaven on earth. Now is a time when Seers and indigenous peoples are coming together to sing and speak the visions of healing for the land and for all beings, whether the vision is mediared through the Water Songs of the Algonquin women; the stories and songs of the Aboriginal mothers. Alongside the traditional stories and songs, new visions are being mediated through Seers and Healers of all traditions that speak of new ways to heal, to live and remember. It is a vision, a dream that we are all a part of.