David Halpin


David Halpin is a writer from Tallaght, now living on the Carlow/ Wicklow border.

He has been writing about Irish Forteana and spirituality for over thirty years and has had his articles published in magazines and books throughout the world.

His fiction has appeared in various anthologies, and his short piece, The Sitting Up, was the winner of the Wexworlds short story competition in 2018.
His plays have been produced professionally and he was chosen as one of The New Theatre’s new writers for 2019.

David’s photographs of Ireland’s sacred sites have been published in journals and articles worldwide and in 2020 were included in An Taisce’s annual report on the Irish landscape.

David is also a reviewer of esoteric writing and as well as publishing for The Occult Book Review, he also contributes regularly to newspapers, magazines and online publications.
His articles have appeared in The Wild Hunt, New Dawn Magazine, Occultum, and he is a regular contributor to Ancient Origins.

David also runs the blog, Circle Stories, where he focuses his writing upon the topics of consciousness and folklore.

He also uses folklore as part of his reminiscence therapy workshops which he continues to hold.