Deirdre Wadding - `Tar anseo chugam / C'mere to me `

Photo of Deirdre Wadding with arms outstretched in prayer


Deirdre Wadding, a former primary teacher, professional Storyteller, Soul Healing practitioner and lapsed County Councillor is founder/teacher of Coire Sois School of Irish Spirituality based in South Wexford, where she lives close to the sea, with her adult family and 6 cats.
Coire Sois offers training and ordination for women on an Irish Pagan Priestess path. Workshops for all are also offered online and in person on a range of Irish Pagan topics. Immrama (vision journeys) into the Irish Otherworld, Mythology, ceremony, Sacred Drama and use of the Irish language for Ritual.
Sovereignty and stepping into the core of the authentic self is a key component of Coire Sois work. It is enriching and rewarding, anything but light and fluffy and not for the fainthearted.
Workshop for Éigse 2023  `Tar anseo chugam / C'mere to me `
In this interactive workshop, we will look at the importance of using our native language when engaged in Irish Pagan practice. We will learn how to open a sacred circle in basic Irish, call on Deity, create a simple prayer, and offer gratitude and blessings. Drawing on my primary teacher background, and using large flashcards and "volunteers", we will map out the directions and bring our prayers and invocations to life.