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Fiona McDonagh


Fiona McDonagh

Fiona McDonagh is a Holistic Therapist based in the beautiful West of Ireland and she has been passionately holding group Sound Bath Meditations for over 9 years. Fiona's journey began when she attended her first Sound Bath Meditation in a field, inside a giant tent. Since then, she has expanded her practice, offering transformative Sound Bathing experiences in diverse settings such as primary schools, nursing homes, community halls, and even corporate meeting rooms. No group size is too small or too large for Fiona, as she has facilitated sessions for groups ranging from 2 to 102 individuals.

Fiona and her Sound family have traveled extensively across Ireland, from Fermanagh to Cork, and from Dublin to Inismor. She is a lover of herbal tea, nature walks, doggie licks and a good laugh. Fiona is also a member of OBOD (the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids).

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Éigse 2023 Workshop: Sound Bath Meditation

Sound Bath Meditation can take us into a space, where our alpha and theta waves are more dominant. It is deeply restorative for the body, when you surrender into these brainwaves. Attendees report feelings of joy, peace, clarity, deep rest or enlightenment. Some people can have lightbulb moments during a sound bath. Lying comfortably on a yoga mat or blanket, you are bathed in the sounds of various instruments. You don’t need to wear a swimsuit or even know how to swim!!