Jack Roberts - The divine image of the Gaels

Jack Roberts is an independent researcher, artist, and author of a number of publications. He is an author/illustrator, and his work combines visual representations with text, which he feels is essential for an understanding of the subjects of his research.

The main focus of his research has been on portraying the incredibly broad spectrum of ancient monuments that can be found on the Irish landscape, and especially the less well-known aspects of Ireland's archaeological and historical heritage.

Over more than four decades, Jack has worked with several Irish and UK publishing companies on various projects, and has had articles published in journals, including peer-reviewed articles in the Scandinavian Rock Art journal, Adoranten.

Jack has been researching Irish archaeology, mythology, and history since the late 1970s, when he became involved in a research project in the Boyne Valley. He was co-researcher on a groundbreaking book with the artist/author Martin Brennan titled, "The Stones of Time."

During the 1980s, Jack began independent research of the West Cork area of Ireland, and has authored several books and maps on the region with a focus on the astronomical relationship of the stone circles of the area.

Later publications included works on mythology and its relationship to the ancient monuments. In 2001, he published the first book on Sheela-na-gigs with co-researcher Joanne McMahon.

Jack's latest publication concentrates on identifying these enigmatic figures as important iconic images directly related to the traditions and beliefs of old Gaelic culture.

Title of his talk at Eisge: The divine image of the Gaels

To learn more about Jack Roberts' work, please visit his website at http://bandiadesign.com/publications/.